Wax Future - Make Me Feel Again / Keep The Memories (Bubble Pop Color Vinyl, Digital Download w/ 2 New Bonus Tracks, Silicone Container, Glow-In-The-Dark Pin)

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Wax Future has teamed up with Creep Records for this very limited pressing of Make Me Feel Again and Keep The Memories on one record!

With the highest quality, coolest vinyl listening experience in mind, the tracklisting has been changed to put the louder/more complex tracks on the beginning and ends of each side and the more mellow tracks on the inside.  This helps preserve sound quality, as the grooves of the vinyl get more fragile as you get to the center.  Additionally, there is more chance of skipping with higher energy tracks, so this greatly reduces that risk. You're going to absolutely love the way the record flows with the new tracklisting.

The pressing is limited to JUST 250 COPIES, all on bubble pop color vinyl (white with pink splatter).

The package also includes a Wax Future 5ml non-stick silicone container so you can save your wax for the future.  We like pun-related merch and this one might be our best.

On a personal note, this has been one of the coolest experiences for us here at Creep Records.  The Wax Future team is an amazingly talented, awesome group of people and we think this is what the Philly music scene is all about.  Philly, keep supporting Philly.

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