Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards

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Demons And Wizards – Art Of The Album is a deluxe edition featuring re-imagined artwork by renowned artist Roger Dean and it celebrates the album as an art form. This seminal multi-million selling album features an extensive essay written by Joel McIver, including new interviews with the band and Roger Dean. Being part of the series Art Of The Album, the essay puts the album in context, exploring The Times, The Players, The Craft, The Impact and The Legacy. •180g vinyl •Exclusive 12’’ Sleeve Art Print

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 The Wizard (2017 Remastered)
02 Traveller in Time (2017 Remastered)
03 Easy Livin' (2017 Remastered)
04 Poet's Justice (2017 Remastered)
05 Circle of Hands (2017 Remastered)
01 Rainbow Demon (2017 Remastered)
02 All My Life (2017 Remastered)
03 Paradise (2017 Remastered)
04 The Spell (2017 Remastered)
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