Richard Swift - The Novelist / Walking Without Effort

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Richard Swift’s duo debuts, The Novelist and Walking Without Effort, are fraternal twins wrestling with same Big Questions in opposite ways — one toiling in a cinderblock basement slugging typewriter coffee; one lost on the Pacific Coast Highway, looking again and again for something in a sunset that just ain’t there. One’s wheezing through a crusty gramophone in some Artie Shaw air-conditioned nightmare; one’s gliding on the soft tape of an 8-Track, fat tears welling up behind those outlandish 70s sunglasses. Taken together, they speak to Swift’s wild, preternatural shapeshifting ability, an auteur’s understanding of mood and place. Yet, you always know you’re seeing these new places through Swift’s translucent, wolven eyes. These two recordings are his 8 1/2, both the portal and the Rosetta Stone to Swift’s singular musical universe and language.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 Forward (The Novelist)
02 Lady Day (The Novelist)
03 Lovely Night (The Novelist)
04 Sad Song St. (The Novelist)
01 Blues for Mother (The Novelist)
02 The Novelist (The Novelist)
03 Ballad of Clifford Swift (The Novelist)
04 Looking Back, I Should Have Been Home More (The Novelist)
Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A Side B
01 Walking Without Effort Theme (Walking Without Effort)
02 Half Lit (Walking Without Effort)
03 In The Air (Walking Without Effort)
04 As I Go (Walking Without Effort)
05 Above & Beneath
01 Mexico (1977) (Walking Without Effort)
02 Losing Sleep (Walking Without Effort)
03 Not Wasting Time (Walking Without Effort)
04 Beautifulheart (Walking Without Effort)
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