Goddamnit - How To Take The Burn

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Let’s have a long, involved argument about the what counts as hardcore and what counts as punk. Wait, no … I’ve got a better idea: Instead let’s listen to How To Take The Burn - the debut full length from Philadelphia’s Goddamnit – and fucking feel something for once.Goddamnit is five guys who have been involved in some pretty cool stuff, including Arik Victor (Creep Records, Super Hi-5), and Kyle McKnight (Buglite). But you know what? Let’s leave the resumes for the Human Resources department, because the Philly outfit’s debut LP is way, way more than just the sum of its parts. Featuring two-minute blasts of melodic hardcore that wouldn’t sound out of place on Hello Bastards, plus a couple of acoustic ballads that really pack a wallop, How To Take The Burn anchors concise and passionate anthems with a crushing three-guitar attack that will leave you emotionally spent and maybe a little dehydrated.

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