Crossed Keys - Saviors

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Hailing from one of the most celebrated DIY music scenes in the country, Philadelphia’s CROSSED KEYS blend a perfect mix of melody and grit to create a unique, compelling sound that’s often compared to Samiam, Grey Area, Boysetsfire and Strike Anywhere. 

Featuring former members of Kid Dynamite, Ink & Dagger, Good Riddance and more, this band of Philly hardcore elder statesmen offer up their debut 12”, SAVIORS, 7 songs of upbeat, catchy hardcore/punk that’s sure to make its way to the soundtrack of your daily life.

Artwork by Jeremy Dean. Silk-screened second side with band logo by Awesome Dudes Printing.


  • Black vinyl: 100 (Single-sided 12”. Second side is silk screened with band logo.)

  • Sky Blue Swirl vinyl: 200 (Single-sided 12”. Second side is silk screened with band logo.)

  • Black/Magenta Swirl (Cherry Bomb Red) vinyl: 50 (Record release show pressing. Available at Record Release show only.)

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