Adam's House Cat - Town Burned Down

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Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers formed Adam’s House Cat in the Muscles Shoals area of Alabama in 1985. Their songs and friendship became the foundation on which DBT was built.

Their one and only “lost” album from 1990 was remixed by David Barbe, mastered by Greg Calbi and is now available for the first time with archival photos and extensive liner notes from Patterson Hood.


Side 1:
1. Lookout Mountain
2. Town Burned Down
3. Runaway Train
4. Down On Me
5. 6 O’ Clock Train
6. Buttholeville

Side 2:
1. Child Abuse
2. Love Really Sucks
3. Kiss My Baby
4. Shot Rang Out
5. Long Time Ago
6. Cemeteries

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