Phish - The Baker's Dozen Live At Madison Square Garden

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n 2017, Phish performed “The Baker’s Dozen,” a milestone 13-show run at Madison Square Garden held over 17 nights. During the run, the band performed 26 unique sets featuring a grand total of 237 songs with not one repeated. The Baker’s Dozen earned accolades from a wide array of national publications, including a nod from Rolling Stone’s David Fricke in his “Year In Rock 2017” wrap-up. “What I saw,” wrote The New York Times’ Ben Ratliff, ” was a purposeful band in energetic form, better than I’ve seen and heard recently, more willing to let songs assume their own proportions, and going far into its own catalog.” The Baker’s Dozen is available in three formats: a 3-CD or 6-LP set (with 13 tracks hand-picked by the band) and The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set, which includes the ENTIRE run on 36-CDs. All versions have been fully remixed by legendary engineer Elliot Scheiner. The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set includes every note of music from the historic 13-night on 36-CDs. The Complete Baker’s Dozen will be limited to ONE PRINTING and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 Blaze On (Live) [7/29/17 Cinnamon]
01 Roggae (Live) [7/22/17 Strawberry]
Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A Side B
01 Simple (Live) [8/6/17 Glazed]
01 More (Live) [7/23/17 Red Velvet]
Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A Side B
01 Twist (Live) [7/23/17 Red Velvet]
01 Waves (7/23/17 RED VELVET)
Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A Side B
01 Everything's Right (Live) [7/21/17 Coconut]
01 Chalk Dust Torture (Live) [7/28/17 Chocolate]
Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A Side B
01 Miss You (Live) [7/23/17 Red Velvet]
02 No Men In No Man's Land (Live) [8/4/17 Lemon]
01 Scents and Subtle Sounds (Live) [8/4/17 Lemon]
Full Length Vinyl 6
Side A Side B
01 Ghost (Live) [8/5/17 Boston Cream]
01 Most Events Aren't Planned (Live) [8/6/17 Glazed]
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