Marshall Tucker Band - Greatest Hits (Indie Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)

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The Marshall Tucker Band's Greatest Hits have been given the platinum treatment. Their original master tapes from the 1970s have been carefully restored, compiled and remastered specially for vinyl using a 100% analogue process by one of the most renowned mastering engineers in the world. This double LP set has 16 all time southern rock classics including "Can't You See," "Heard It In A Love Song," and "Fire on the Mountain." For this LP-only re-issue, we added the album tracks "A New Life" and "I'll Be Loving You." You will hear these spirited recordings again for the first time and we think the effort was worth it. For the audiophiles. For the love of music and musicianship. For the love of listening. For the timeless recordings of The Marshall Tucker Band.

1. Take The Highway
2. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky
3. In My Own Way
4. Fire On The Mountain
5. Heard It In A Love Song (Single Version)
6. Ramblin'
7. Searchin' For A Rainbow (Single Version)
8. I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You
9. 24 Hours At A Time
10. Long Hard Ride (Single Version)
11. Can't You See (Single Version)
12. Too Stubborn
13. This OI' Cowboy (Single Version)
14. Desert Skies
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