Kinks - Give The People What They Want

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Give the People What They Want is the eighteenth studio album by the English rock group, The Kinks. It was released in August 1981 in the US but not until January 1982 in Europe. It was delayed because Ray Davies wanted to produce a full length video for the album but financing fell through. Also scrapped were plans to remix the album for the European market. It was initially aimed to be a statement on the media.

Side 1
No. Title Length
1. "Around the Dial" 4:45
2. "Give the People What They Want" 3:45
3. "Killer's Eyes" 4:40
4. "Predictable" 3:31
5. "Add It Up" 3:14
Side 2
No. Title Length
1. "Destroyer" 3:47
2. "Yo-Yo" 4:10
3. "Back to Front" 3:15
4. "Art Lover" 3:22
5. "A Little Bit of Abuse" 3:45
6. "Better Things" 2:59

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