JANK - Versace Summer

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"These eight songs show JANK further refining the formula that got them on the radar in the first place, with guitar, drums, bass, and vocals all working perfectly in sync to create nothing short of a head-banger. The lyrics are silly as ever, with songs likes “This Is A Song About My Bike Ralph And It’s Called ‘Ralph'” telling the story of relationships with inanimate objects, but if anything, JANK’s childish nature adds to their beauty." -Stereogum

"The album starts with the math-rock “weed pop” sound we’ve come to know and love from the Philadelphia band. From “Grim Reefer” to “#freesam” the album is a classic continuation of everything they established on ‘Awkward Pop Songs’: sparkling guitars reminiscent of American Football and syncopated breakdowns that define today’s emo." -Noisey

1. Grim Reefer

2. Chunks (kool enuff)

3. General Tso What?

4. This is a Song About my Bike "Ralph" and it's Called "Ralph"

5. Alligator

6. #freesam

7. Gucci Spring

8. Versace Summer

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