Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works (Electric Blue with Metallic Silver, White and Magenta Splatter Limited to 1200)

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Electric Blue with Metallic Silver, White and Magenta Splatter Standard Gram Limited to 1200 Copies

2007 album from the incomparable musical visionaries The legendary band instantly reclaims their place at the forefront of the modern music world with Ire Works. From the instantly memorable 'Fix Your Face' and 'Horse Hunter' (signature examples of the band's innovative, high-energy rock), through the scintillating pop immediacy of 'Black Bubble Gum', the DEP simultaneously amaze and remind why their musical exploits are the stuff of legend. For Fans of progressive, futuristic music.
Track Listing:
1.) Fix Your Face
2.) Lurch
3.) Black Bubblegum
4.) Sick On Sunday
5.) When Acting As A Particle
6.) Nong Eye Gong
7.) When Acting As A Wave
8.) 82588
9.) Milk Lizard
10.) Party Smasher
11.) Dead As History
12.) Horse Hunter
13.) Mouth Of Ghosts

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