!!! (chk Chk Chk) - Louden Up Now

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!!! brings a punk aesthetic to the style-over-substance world of dance music with this release. Slithering bass lines, driving percussion, echo-laden guitar, and call-and-response vocals come together to create some of the dopest jams you're likely to hear in 2004 and beyond. "Take all the parts of disco that don't suck, mix in a dash of post-whatever aural experimentation, and voila! Instant bicoastal dance party"--Village Voice.

Track Listing:

1. When The Going Gets Touch, The Tough Get Karazzee

2. Pardon My Freedom

3. Dear Can

4. King's Weed

5. Hello? Is This Thing On?

6. Shit Schiesse Merde Pt.1

7. Shit Schiesse Merde Pt.2

8. Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)

9. Theme From Space Island

10. Shit Scheisse Merde Pt.1 (Instrumental)

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